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In an audacious bid for power, the Cult of the Dragon, along with its dragon allies and the Red Wizards of Thay, seek to bring Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells to Faerûn. To this end, they are sweeping from town to town, laying waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen. The threat of annihilation has become so dire that groups as disparate as the Harpers and Zhentarim are banding together in the fight against the cult. Never before has the need for heroes been so desperate.


dndiconsmallReckless (Reck)

A tiefling with a penchant for wearing the remnants of their kills on their horns like a hat. Mouthy and stubborn.


A drow elf, tortured mercilessly for defying Lolth. She has since found a new God, and a path to a new life. Her optimism is fueled by the discovery of pretty shiny things, and setting things on fire.


A lizardfolk cleric with a conflicted heart.

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A fantastically naive Firbolg on a wild journey, that crosses many new lands. He tirelessly seeks his lost people.

dndiconsmall Vard (Retired)

An orc, abandoned as a child, adopted by traveling fortune-tellers. A fierce intelligence gleams in his eyes. Content for a time to help fight the good fight, Vard eventually felt the calling of his wanderlust, and after narrowly escaping death, has returned to traveling the land – helping where he can and learning as much as possible.

dndiconsmallZhìhuì (Retired)

An escaped slave turned apprentice turned inquisitor, Zee has an uncanny knack for negotiations, investigations and even…interrogations?