Player Basics – Say what?

Your GM tells you to buff your stats. You need to go BTB (that’s uh, back to basics). The world of RPG has its own language almost. In the beginning, you can get a little lost and feel a little intimidated by the slang being thrown away. Much like text speak, if you don’t know the jargon, you may get confused. But never fear, the RPG talk isn’t that hard to learn and you won’t need to buy a language program to understand it. Here are some of the more common terms that are thrown around.

  • RPG or TTRPG – Role Playing Game or Tabletop Role Playing Game. This is any game, usually involving dice, that requires you to play out a game as a character.
  • GM or DM – Game Master or Dungeon Master. This is the person running the game.
  • #d# – This is a specific die and how many times you should roll it. Ex. 2d10 means you should take a 10 sided die and roll it twice. Or roll 2 of them. the letter d stands for ‘dice’.
  • Stats – This is the numbers part of the game. It can be your character’s statistics, how much damage a weapon does, or how something interacts in the environment.
  • Buff – This is not some stud on the beach looking good. To buff means to improve your character’s stats. It can happen when you level up or when you interact with something that changes your numbers.
  • NPC – This stands for non-player character. The world you play in is inhabited by many more than just your party’s characters. All of these NPC’s are played by the GM/DM and bring the world to life.
  • OOC or OOG – Out of character or outside of the game. These are the times when you step out of playing to make a comment, ask a question or generally cut up. It’s anything that takes place when you are being you, not your character.
  • Campaign – Like a book, it is a complete story. Your characters meet, have a goal, reach the goal, then wrap up. While a campaign can be long and drawn out like a Stephen King novel, there and also be short and sweet ones that you can play out in one night. Just because a campaign ends, doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Your group can continue on to the next campaign.

While the list can go on and on, this covers some very basic terms you will see in the RPG world. What you don’t understand, ask. There are often times terms that someone uses that they made up themselves, or heard somewhere else and liked. For a really good glossary of terms, you can look at this wiki for help. Or feel free to drop by our Discord and ask questions or chat.  If you want to see our gaming in action, visit our live Twitch feed. Have a new or interesting jargon you’d like to share? Post it in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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