GM Tips – A Whole New World

Creating a world where your players can strut their stuff, find adventure, and generally wreak havoc can be challenging. There is a lot that goes into making a world where your campaign comes to life. One of the first questions you have to ask yourself is where and when in time do you want to bring your world to life. Whether you want to go back in time or fly to the future, there is an RPG for you. Here is a basic breakdown of worlds where you can create your campaign.

Worlds in this category can range from fantasy worlds to reenactments of actual events in history. Games in this setting will not have the technology and advancements available today and in the future. It can range from survivalist to surreal. Depending on whether you are going for realistic or more fantasy can dictate the world you create. When creating a reenactment, you would want to be as true to fact as possible. When creating a fantasy based world, you have far more freedom to use your imagination.

Examples of RPGs in this settingD&D, AD&D, 7th Sea, Lord of the Rings, Recon, Warhammer, Deadlands, Earthdawn, Pendragon
If working with a world you are familiar with is more your speed, there are plenty of games that fit the bill. Often times this type of setting can be attractive to those who don’t want to mess with dragons, elves, and the like. They want to be detectives, mobsters, or corporate monsters. There are plenty of exciting adventures waiting without needing to leave our world or our time.

Examples of RPGs in this settingCall of Cthulhu, Bubblegumshoe, Blades in the Dark, Leverage, Tales from the Loop, White Lies
The future holds a lot of amazing new technology, worlds unknown, and adventure. Jetting amongst the stars or living in a world not yet discovered can be cool. Weapons are out of this world and really allows you to think outside the box since no one truly knows what lies beyond our own worlds. Fighting creatures not yet discovered with weapons and skills not discovered yet can be a lot of fun.

Examples of RPGs in this settingLiving Steel, Shadowrun, Firefly, Star Wars, Paranoia, Numenera, The Strange, Gamma World

Whether you want to play in the past, present or future, there are tons of tabletop RPG options out there to fit the bill. Give some thought about the kind of adventure you want to create then find the right world to put the adventure in. If you are interested in seeing some of these games in action, you can tune into our Twitch channel. You can also ask for advice from other games in our Discord chat. Or pop onto our Facebook page and leave us a comment or question. We love hearing from you.

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