Wasteland Whispers

WAR. War never changes… Sometimes War doesn’t end either if the rumors about ghosts in the wasteland are to be believed. The crazy thing is that what started as an old folktale now seems to be more prevalent. More and more stories and sightings of these strange apparitions are coming to light. As time goes on, the brief flicking spirits have evolved into something that is beginning to act much sinister. Can a band of rag-tag wanderers push back the darkness and put these lost souls to rest?

Projected Play Times: Saturdays – 8:00PM-12:00 AM Eastern – Weekly

  • System: D&D 5E w/ Fallout Hack
    • System credit and info here

Character Sneak Peek:

Sharpe, the Ghoul Scientist played by DSC_Nick

Niven, the Mr Handy Rogue Thief played by HokumSean

Twembly, the Human Wastlander Monster Hunter played by 12SidedGuy

Knight Alvarez, the Human Wastelander Scout played by RedCrayon

There are many long-lost treasures, long buried that are now coming to light! As my players search for the mysterious ghosts of the wastes, viewers may be lucky enough to obtain some relics of their own. Currently, there have been rumours of:

  • 3 sets of Wasteland Wanderers and Wasteland Wares
  • 2 sets of radioactive dice
  • 1 fantastically fallout funko pop

If enough people help dig deep into the wastes we may even be able to find something truly amazing… something so big it hasn’t even been identified yet..

I hope that you’ll embrace the wastes of D.C. and hang out with us on the Scorched Dice twitch stream! Want to know more about this game, chat with the players, or talk about other tabletop games? Head over to our discord chat!

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